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It all started when…

 I take great pride in my ability to emotionally connect with you and provide you with a relational experience that is both authentic and compassionate in nature. My therapeutic approach consists of providing a safe, trusting and non-judgmental environment, in which distressing thoughts, feelings and behaviors can be worked through together. It’s within the context of our professional working relationship that healthier ways of thinking and  both individualized short and long-term goals.

My years of practice have included working with a wide range of presenting issues, and diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. In addition, I have experience providing group therapy, teaching, and supervising. My clinical training and primary approach is relational. In addition, I often integrate from other approaches to ensure that your needs will be best met. My general clinical experiences have included providing treatment for psychosis, anxiety, depression, trauma and relational issues. I have a worked within multiple treatment settings including; corrections, outpatient and inpatient psychiatry, community health and government services.  

The decision to start therapy is not always an easy one. It’s often common to have many anxieties and questions about the process. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions and or to schedule an appointment.