Tips for Happiness - Prologue

Thank you for giving these words space in your life. I hope they bring happiness and harmony in your life. The next few posts will consist of PAS:

P: Practice/Technique

A: Attitude

S: Story

The practices described are simple adaptation of the techniques we use in therapy so they could be used by anybody.

The attitude is a small thing but has a big impact. It is like glasses with which we see our situation. If the tint is dark, everything appears dark to us. If the glasses are clear, we see the colors and brightness of life. Excessive colored glasses can also alter our perception (which can happen when people are intoxicated or manic).

The stories I'll utilize are from real life situations. These people are from all walks of life, the stories are not dramatic or sensational (like most media stories, although I certainly hear a lot of them in my practice as a psychiatrist), but are mostly ordinary life situations that most people can relate to. At least one of these stories is bound to touch your heart.

Remember, knowledge until it is used to adapt attitude and practiced in life may not be of much use. So please apply what you learn and notice the enhancement in your joy in life. Please come back and share your experiences to help others.