Stress Management

Stress Management

Stress is prevalent and un-managed stress can cause a lot of physical and emotional problems. Are you looking for solutions that not only help you relax for short periods of time but allow you to sustain those benefits on long term basis. 

We have developed programs so you can not only manage stress better but also grow from it and achieve the highest level of functioning. 

Our Stress to Joy Clinic is set up for people who are struggling with stress related to their health. Any significant medical illness can cause significant stress for a patients and their family. When unaddressed, it leads to stress reactivity symptoms like sleep problems, irritability, headaches, heart burn and stomach problems. Stress can make their illnesses worse and hinder their ability to heal. Unaddressed stress can lead to more severe depression and anxiety disorders.

At Shifa, we believe that stress is very important in mental and physical health. You can either manage stress well by making it an opportunity for growth, or you could not--and become sick and make your physical and mental health worse. 

Different people benefit from different approaches. Therefore, we have developed several paths to help you learn to manage your stress well. 

1. Free Educational Class

In this class, psychiatrist Dr. Rozina Lakhani and her colleagues teach different techniques that could help you manage stress and stop it from making you sick. It is scheduled at 10 A.M., one Saturday a month. Admission is free but an RSVP is required in order to secure a seat for you.

2. Stress Reduction Group Therapy

This is a weekly group scheduled on 11 am on Saturdays. Led by our therapists and nurse practitioners, you can actively participate, learn and practice stress management techniques to decrease the affects of stress on your physical and mental health. We use 3R with a CPR program of stress reduction that has foundations in different cognitive and mindfulness based approaches.

3. Create, Relax, and Heal Workshops.

This is a weekly art class for practicing mindful relaxation while making an art project under the guidance of professional artists in a studio setting. Getting absorbed in art will help you relax your mind and body, and relaxing your body will allow you to let go of ill-fated effects built up due to unmanaged stress. Relaxing your mind can help you think outside the box, letting you can solve your issues creatively. 

In case of stress symptoms causing further symptoms requiring individual psychotherapy or psychiatric medications, you can access services to help you as well.

We hope to help you in your journey on the bridge to happiness.