Are you struggling with Stress and Exhaustion:

 “Relax Your Strained Body and Clear Your Worried Mind So You Can Have the Energy to Fully Enjoy Your Life…”


Cultivating mindfulness with clay art

Reducess stress, pain and illness (physical and mental)

  • Train your brain to manage stress and reduce its harmful effects on your physical and mental health.
  • Learn different mindfulness and Cognitive Behavior techiniques to change your relationship with stress.
  • Experience a sense of calm while practicing mindfulness with different art forms including Clay and Pottery.


Only 2 hours a week for 4 weeks can change the way you handle your stress. Are you ready to invest in you? 

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What: "Cultivating mindfulness with clay art"

When: To be announced.

Where: Shifa Art/FeelArtistic Art Studio located 10333 19th Ave. SE, S # 101, Everett, WA 98208.

 Instructors: Rozina Lakhani- psychiatrist and Jalal Gilani- artist


Course Outline:

Both Art and Mindfulness have been well established tools that help to overcome effects of stress and rejuvenate mind and body. Art involving earth/clay has special ability to help you ground or become mindful. Mindfulness is a simple yet difficult to practice technique of being present in the moment. It has shown to be one of the most healing technique in treatment of stress related disorders. Now you can benefit from combined healing benefits of Mindfulness and Art to reduce your Stress, Anxiety and Depression in the program by Shifa Art. Additionally Dr.Lakhani would share her own techniques she has learnt over last 15 yrs of practice as a psychiatrist. You will also take home your projects as reminder to continue practicing the techniques learnt in the course.  

Shifa (Healing) Art is a combined program of Shifa Health and Feel Artistic Art Studios to promote healing and relaxation by being creative. The group program “Mindfulness and Art- Reduce Stress, Anxiety and depression" is a 4 wk group program consisting of one hour of instructions on Mindfulness Techniques and one hour of Art.