Dr. Susan Clark, MD


I got my start in the medical field over 40 years ago as a RN in Ann Arbor, Michigan. After a few years as a RN, I knew I wanted more. I moved to Seattle and went to medical school at the University of Washington. I bounced around the US for the next few years completing my residencies first in general psychiatry and then in childhood psychiatry. After experiencing many parts of America, I chose to settle back here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I landed in Mukilteo, WA where I raised my three children while simultaneously owning my own psychiatry business. Now that my children have grown, I closed down my business and moved out of my too-large home. I love living in this beautiful part of the US as one of my favorite hobbies is bird watching. On my days off, you’ll find me near the ocean with binoculars in hand!


Throughout my time as a psychiatrist, my specialty has changed. After completing all of my schooling, I first worked professionally with children for a few years. However, as I got older (and had my own children), I began focusing more on adult client relationships. I now prefer to work only with adults and specialize in treating anxiety, adult ADD/ADHD, depression and evaluations/consultations. My tried and true combination of therapy and medication management has allowed me to help thousands of people in the greater Everett area. I pride myself on the ability to form lasting connections with my patients that will allow for a deeper understanding of the root of their presenting symptoms. I sincerely hope that I can serve your mental health needs in the future.