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Your Referral Resource for Difficult to Treat Depression, Anxiety, and ADHD

While seeing patients who may also have depression, anxiety, or ADHD, do you often think to yourself, “Their mental illness impacts their overall health. Is there anything I can do to assist my patients in recovering?”

Whether the individual is recovering from an injury or surgery or managing a chronic illness, untreated mental illness affects the entire body. So it makes sense to optimize mental well-being to ensure optimum wellbeing.

“My patient has tried both psychotherapy and medication,” you may think. Considering how much research is going on in the brain and behavior fields, aren’t more effective treatments available?

Yes, there are. And we are happy to be your resource for your Difficult to Treat Depression, Anxiety, and ADHD patients.

In addition to conventional treatments with psychotherapy and medication management, we are also using some innovative therapies that help patients with resistant conditions that include

  • For your patients who have not responded to two or more antidepressants or can’t tolerate medications; A non-medication treatment that utilizes MRI technology, i.e., TMS-Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
  • For your patients with treatment-resistant depression with suicidal thoughts; A long-acting Ketamine therapy, i.e., Spravato/Esketamine.
  • For your patients who can’t tolerate medications or prefer natural approaches; A treatment approach that combines evidence-based natural remedies with conventional treatments, i.e., Integrative psychiatry.

We hope one of these approaches may help your patients reduce suffering and achieve optimum health. To help your patient’s journey from illness to wellness, we have gathered many resources on this website

(Website). I invite you to explore and benefit.

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We look forward to working with you to help your patients achieve optimum health and happiness.

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