Wellness Clinic

Wellness Clinic

Are you interested in keeping your mind functioning at it’s best by addressing any stress, anxiety or depression issues?

Jane is a doctor and a business owner. Due to her work demands, she was struggling with stress and anxiety. She knew that her mind is her biggest asset and if she doesn’t take care of her mind, not only herself but her patients, business and family would all get affected.

She started thinking about seeking help but was concerned about her confidentiality. She also had a hard time leaving her work in the middle of the day to drive to a psychiatrist or psychologist’s office. When she found about our Execute Videochat Clinic, she felt relieved.

If you can relate to her, you may benefit from this service too. Thru this service, you can get stress coaching, therapy or medication management from the comfort of your home, office or car. ( Anywhere you can find privacy to make a video call)

You can choose to pay for the service without involving your insurance so they don’t get any of your records. We even have a special layer of protection within our system so only designated people can get access to your records or even see that you are a patient with us.

Dr. Rozina Lakhani (MD-Psychiatrist, Clinical professor and Best Selling Author of Stress to Joy) started this service at Shifa Health just for people like you. If you would like to get a consultation for your stress, anxiety or depressive symptoms via videochat without going through your insurance or coming to the clinic in person you can do that now. Dr. Rozina only takes 5 clients at this time so space is limited to a first come first serve basis.

The process is simple. You can send an inquiry through our website or call 425-742-4600 and ask to talk to Executive Clinic Scheduling. Staff will gather basic info and send you papers and a link for appointment and payment. At the time of the appointment, you can log in. You will enter a virtual waiting area and once Dr. Rozina is available she will "accept" you into the virtual meeting. You can have the chat. We maintain full confidentiality except in case of a court order or risk of injury to self or others.

In case you need medications, the provider will be able to send your prescription electronically to the pharmacy of your choice.