Reffering Providers


Are you ever in a situation where you have a patient suffering from depression, anxiety, or ADHD type disorders and think to yourself, “I don’t know what to do for this patient? Their mental illness is interfering with their overall health recovery. Is there anything that could speed up their healing? ” 

Regardless of whether the individual is recovering from an injury or surgery, or managing a chronic illness, untreated mental illness affects the entire body. So it makes sense for you to optimize the mental well-being of your patients to ensure their optimum wellbeing.

“My patient has tried both psychotherapy and medication,” you may think. Considering how much research is going on in the brain and behavior fields, aren’t there more effective treatments available?

Yes, there are. And we would be happy to be your resource for those in addition to traditional medication management and therapy 

Some of the most innovative treatments I am excited about are:

  • Treatment that does not require medication and utilizes MRI for patients who have not responded to two or more antidepressants-TMS

  • A long-acting Ketamine therapy for treating treatment-resistant depression or chronic suicidal thoughts with Spravato/Esketamine.

  • For patients who are at risk or have difficulty tolerating medications, integrative psychiatry combines natural remedies with advanced conventional treatments. 

We also believe in not just symptom alleviation but taking a person on a full health journey from illness to wellness. Therefore, we have gathered many tools for prevention and wellness for you (like a depression prevention tool kit for health professionals- and your patients (http://localhost/shifa/learn) on this website. I invite you to explore and benefit.

To refer a patient, please fill out the following referral form directly below or print the pdf version and email it to info@localhost. You can also fax the referral form to (425) 225-6859 or call (425) 742-4600. We will be happy to be of assistance.

Our team is looking forward to working with you to help your patients achieve optimum health and happiness.