Shifa Health Mission

About Shifa Health


At Shifa Health, we optimize mental health and wellbeing with personalized treatment and prevention education so each individual can live their best life with health and happiness and avoid unnecessary suffering.


To heal, empower and educate.


Compassion, Respect, Tolerance, Teamwork, and Kaizen (continuous and non-ending improvement)


 Shifa Health has been the go-to center for the best integrative mind care in the area since 2003. We are a group of highly skilled Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurse practitioners, Psychologists, and Counselors who are passionate about enriching your mental health and wellbeing.

We specialize in the use of a combination of advanced treatments including (TMS, Spravato, Medications, Psychotherapy, and Evidence-based Natural Remedies) for disorders like depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, other stress-related disorders, etc.

Our name Shifa (meaning: comprehensive healing) and Logo (four overlapping octagons) represent our philosophy of treatment.

An octagon is a balance of a square and a circle, so is a healthy life, which is a balance between different areas of life.

Four overlapping octagons represent the connection of

  • Biological (body),
  • Psychological (mind),
  • Social (heart-relations, work and lifestyle) and
  • Spiritual (spirit) factors with health.  

All areas need to be attended for any sustained improvement of dis-ease or dis-order. Therefore we take integrative approaches so that you can thrive in all areas of your life and

We hope to partner with you in your journey of illness to wellness. Thank you for trusting us with your mental health care needs. Contact us today to start your health and happiness.

We are open and servicing despite Covid 19: We have limited staff availability- please give extra time when calling. Thanks for your cooperation