Integrative Psychiatry

Integrative Psychiatry

Integrative Psychiatry is a new field that combines psychiatry and other sciences to better understand the human mind and behavior.

Integrative Psychiatry uses this knowledge to treat patients in more holistic ways. It also offers novel research tools and diagnostic techniques in addition to traditional ones.

Also, psychiatry has historically been split into different factions such as psychoanalysts, biological psychiatrists, etc., with little communication between them. Integrative Psychiatry does not want to lose the value that each individual area contributes; this would be like taking away fractions and reducing everything down to whole numbers (Integrative Psychiatry, 2014).

The goal of Integrative Psychiatry is to use the tools from each discipline and combine them to create a more cohesive model when it comes to an understanding of mental health. In this way, psychiatry can better treat patients by looking at the whole person, not just their symptoms.