Suzy Dalgarn ARNP


Suzy Dalgarn


I am an Adult Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. This means I have advanced training, board certification, and authority to prescribed medications. I see patients that are age 18 years and older. I have a special interest in ADHD and expertise in anxiety, depression and stress management. I believe in an integrative approach that includes exploring all the available options and helping you choose the strategies that will help you in your journey towards emotional well-being.

I have 28 years experience as a Registered Nurse in a variety of settings including mental health and medical surgical nursing. I collaborate with a range of expert professionals and resources to provide you with the most updated and evidence based recommendations.

Populations Served:


My Philosophy of Care:

I respect and value who you are as an individual and I recognize that we both bring expertise to a therapeutic relationship. You are the expert and master of your life. My goal is to help you address the symptoms that prevent you from having a full and hopeful life. My practice style includes an attitude of hopefulness for today and the future.

My goal is to provide a safe setting for you and I to dialogue about the challenges you face and strategies to consider.

I respect and value your individual being; including your mind, body and spirit. I recognize that every individual is unique so I do not practice a one size fits all approach. I believe that you are the best person to know what symptoms are most troubling to you.

What to expect from your appointments:

The first visit will be an opportunity for us to get aquatinted and for me to perform an evaluation of your needs. Please plan on 1.5 hours. Please bring any psychiatric records and lab results to your visit. Follow up visits usually are scheduled for ½ hour.

My approaches to psychotherapy:

I believe patients with mental and emotional symptoms often benefit from psychotherapy. If you are interested, there are several therapy approaches that we can discuss with the goal to find the best fit for you. As a part of an integrated approach I will refer you to experienced practitioners who provide comprehensive psychotherapy. Several experienced therapists are located here at Shifa Health.

I offer brief cognitive behavioral therapy and stress management techniques as a part of medication management visits.

Education and Training:

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. University of Washington
  • Masters of Science Nursing; Community Health. Seattle Pacific University
  • Bachelors in Science Nursing University of Washington

What is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP)?

Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing is a specialized area of nursing practice committed to promoting mental health through the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of human responses to mental health problems and psychiatric disorders. PMHNPs are licensed to provide comprehensive, patient-centered mental health treatments and have an independent authority to prescribe medications. Essential components of this specialty practice include health and wellness promotion through identification of mental health issues, prevention of mental health problems and care and treatment (including medication management) of persons with psychiatric disorders.