Reginah Nampinga

My background:

My name is Reginah Nampinga, I am mental health nurse practitioner. What that means is; I am a nurse who has a graduate degree in Advanced Practice specializing in mental health from the University of Washington; I diagnose and treat a wide range of mental health conditions.


Throughout my career, my focus has been mental health. Before I became a Nurse Practitioner, I worked as a mental health nurse for 11 years in various hospitals. I have also worked with people struggling with substance abuse, taught undergraduate nursing students, and as a Psychosocial RN case manager in the community helping caregivers/families manage difficult behaviors in patients with cognitive disease.


Personal philosophy:

I believe that optimal health and our overall wellbeing starts with a healthy mind. That is why I am passionate about mental health. I also believe that regardless of where we grew up, how we look or how we identify, we all deserve to receive mental health care that is timely, affordable and respects our cultural identities. Because of my African cultural background, coupled with my personal experiences as a consumer of health care services, I strive to provide the type of care I want for myself and those close to me. I understand that taking care of people is a privilege.


What to expect:

On your first visit with me, I will do an evaluation to help me understand you and your history in order to provide you with the best and safest recommendations. My job is not to tell you what to do, but to guide you by giving you the information you need, so you can make the best decision for your health.


A little about me:

In my spare time, I enjoy all things comedy, hanging out with my dog, talking with people close to me, music, dancing, trying new recipes, reading and a good night’s sleep.


I look forward to meeting you and to be a part of your wellness journey.


Reginah Nampinga, ARNP-PMHNP.