What Patients Are Saying


I’m extremely grateful to have found Spravato through Shifa Health. I’ve been in treatment for major depression for two decades, and have been prescribed over 20 different psychiatric medications over the years. This past summer, my depression got much worse. I didn’t care about living anymore. I was so close to giving up.


Trying Spravato was a little scary, but no scarier than the dark place I was already in. During my first session, I laughed hard and cried hard – for me it was a huge flood of emotions. Later that night I had a jarring new thought. Maybe a brighter future was actually possible?!? I would NEVER have thought that before. I was skeptical but curious.


My treatments sometimes posed questions or brought up old issues that needed addressing. Every time is at least somewhat unique, and it’s been best trying not to have expectations.


As the weeks went on, my mood improved and stabilized. I smile and laugh much more. After 3-1/2 months, I’m at a good baseline. Overall my improvement has been dramatic and seems pretty stable. My spouse, parents, and friends say I look and sound happier. Most importantly, I no longer wish to leave this life. My future is 100% brighter than before Spravato.


I feel especially supported during my treatments by Amanda, my Spravato Tech, who stays with me to be sure everything goes safely and smoothly. Everyone at Shifa is caring. I know many of them worked hard with my insurance to get this treatment approved. Thank you!


~Anonymous for privacy-3/1/2021