Psychiatric ARNP

Are you a compassionate psychiatric nurse practitioner, ready to bring your career to the next level?
Do you want to work with a group that believes in collaboration and the blending of minds to provide the best care possible to our patients?
If so, the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner position at Shifa health could be a great fit for you.

About Shifa Health

Shifa Health has been the go-to center for the best integrative mind care in the area since 2003. Located near Seattle, Washington, its institute prepares practitioners to be able to provide the highest quality holistic mental health services using evidence-based personalized psychiatric care.


Optimize mental health and wellbeing so each individual can live their best life with health and happiness and avoid unnecessary suffering.


To heal, empower and educate.


Compassion, respect, tolerance, teamwork, and Kaizen (continuous and non-ending improvement).


We are looking for a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner to join our team!

Role/Clinical Responsibilities:

As a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, you will be providing clinical services to Shifa clients at any of the following locations: 

  • Telehealth- Wherever you are
  • Everett office: 10333 19th Ave SE Suite 109, Everett, WA 98208
  • Mount Vernon office: 1103 Cleveland Ave, Mount Vernon. WA 98273

These services may include ( based on your training and preference) medication  management + psychotherapy for people with stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, or chronic pain. Our specialty services include integrative therapies, Es-Ketamine, TMS treatment, and injured workers. You would be assisting with your therapeutic abilities to assist these clients achieve optimum health and happiness.


As a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with Shifa Health, you will be able to:

  • Enjoy an independent and flexible schedule 
  • Focus on areas of your interest.
  • Apply your psychotherapy/alternative/advanced treatment skills to help patients achieve optimum mental health and wellness.
  • Focus on your clinical work as our outstanding staff support you in administrative tasks ( including insurance credentialing, patient screening, insurance authorizations, scheduling, billing, collection, follow-up, medical records, and more). 
  • Earn compensation + benefits like an employee yet get the flexibility of independent practice.

Option to teach/mentor nurse practitioner residents.

Other Benefits

You also have the option of working as a 1099 contractor if you meet the criteria


Soft skills

We are invested in our team member’s success. You’ll go really far if you have a positive attitude and are: 

  • Kind and compassionate provider
  • Well organized 
  • Superb communicator 
  • Great Listener with High Emotional Intelligence
  • Growth Minded team player
  • A calm and collected person under pressure 

If this sounds like you, please submit your application at

Looking forward to connecting with you soon.